Monday, January 20, 2014


Dear all Bloggers and Readers

Tonight We present Our Games Education Part 8 in English version that called :



A. Goal 
Students practice how to use "can".

B. Times
10 - 15 minutes

C. Level 
Primary School until adults

D. Procedure
-Instructor or teacher explain that one of student must exit the classroom for a while.
-While this student is not in the class, instructor will give the class a words, for example "WASTEPAPER BASKET".
-when the one of student that exit the classroom returns, She or He will try to guess the word from clues provided by the class.
-The students will give clues by using "CAN". 
-The member of the classroom will give maximal 8 clues or 8 sentences with the word "CAN".
for example
a. We can find it on the corner of classroom
b. You can put all thing that dirty 
c. We can buy in the market or hypermarket.
-Then if the student that returns can guess "Wastepaper Basket", He or She wins the games. 

E. Tips and Trick
-We can also practice "TO BE ABLE TO", and other MODAL like May, Will, etc. Depend on  students background and abilities of the classroom. 
-We can also practice other language like Mandarin, Korea, etc.
- Instructor must explain Procedure carefully, step by step for good result.

Thats all Guys, see you soon :)

Best Regards 
Andi senopati
Owner of Senopati Center

Inspired by
- My Lovely Wife Inka Oktora
-Teaching;s Experience
-Activities in Cinema Edutainment, Indonesia
-Redjeki Agoestyowati, "Fun English Games & Activities for you" PT. Bhuana Ilmu Populer Kelompok Gramedia.

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