Friday, January 24, 2014


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Today We present another Games Education that called :


This game can be used as a first stage practice of new vocabulary with all learners that learn about Adjective Word. 

A. Goal
Learn about Adjective Word. This game also can use to learn other language too.

B. Level 
Primary School or adults

C. Times
10 Minutes

D. Procedure
-Instructor choose a student to demonstrate a word that mention by Him or Her like "FUNNY FACE".
-When Instructor say "STOP and DON'T MOVE" He or She will become a statue.
-Don't touch the students, then Instructor can continue giving instruction like "LIFT YOUR HEAD A LITTLE BIT".
-Then Instructor says "STOP and DON'T MOVE".
-The student has to demonstrate how to lift your head a little bit.
-Some other Instructions that can be used:
-Divide the class into two : half of the class will be "sculptors" and the other half  "statues".
-Give each sculptor an adjective, for example: Sad, Generous, fierce, forgetfull, etc.
-All students will act based on the instruction.
-Alternatively put the student into pairs with one :sculptor" and one "statue" in each pair.

-We can use other focus like present continues tense like He is waiting, etc. 
-Students must understand about Adjective or Present Continues Tense first to start and run this game
-Use a body language first to explain the role play of the game.

Thats it Guys. Enjoy and Keep Fun. Technology is a important things to learn something, but remember that Physcomotoric and Social focus are Important too for your children. Be Wise ;)

Thanks all

Best Regards
Senopati Center

Inspired by :
-Teaching's Experience
-Cinema Edutainment Concept, Indonesia.
-Redjeki Agoestyowati, "Fun English Games & Activities for you" PT. Bhuana Ilmu Populer Kelompok Gramedia.

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